“Women Are Angry. That Makes It Work, ”said Pregnancy Founder and Screwed Joel Brearley

I am amazed at the number of women who have been in contact and are very angry about everything that is happening. The organization provides legal advice and support for mothers and mothers who will continue the criminal process, as well as campaigns to improve the status of pregnant women and women in the UK. By 2021, Brearley is sure of one thing: a system change is possible.

I think the best thing [we can take] from this disease is that people are not biased, Brearley said. And they will do their best to make the change happen because it has actually put this magnifying glass above all this inequality that people face. And if you are directly affected, then you are on the other side, and you want to see a change happen. And hopefully, in the end, we will make sure that change happens – it needs to happen very quickly, which is what this is all about.

Breleyley founded Pregnant Then Screwed two years after she was released from her job as a voicemail organization in 2013. The day before, she had told her boss that she was pregnant. “I was terrified,” she recalls. I did not know that women lost their jobs because they had children. I just thought there were rules in place, and that didn’t happen. In her first book, Pregnant Then Screwed: The Truth About the Motherhood Penalty, Breleyley describes this moment with true sincerity, using it as the opening of her amazing career. According to the Commission for Equality and Human Rights In 2015, 54,000 pregnant women were forced out of their jobs each year. As it stands, the gender pay gap is driven by the mother.

When she first introduced the charity – now her full-time job – she intended it to be a forum where women could share their experiences. But it was a struggle for some women who were afraid of being discovered by their employers, or who were silenced by non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) after resolving pregnancy discrimination claims. More than five years later, it has become the most important tool and lifeline for many women during the Covid-19 epidemic. “I know the calls have gone up by 450 percent,” Brearley said. Most women did not need advice, they needed advice, they needed support, they needed someone to listen to them, they needed to hear. We were very smart about how we changed our services to make sure we could reach as many women as possible, but give them ten times as much advice as women. ”

During the epidemic, the journey towards equality has been pushed back in a way that experts fear could put women back in their 50s. Women bear the brunt of the consequences of a global catastrophe: homework, homeschooling, reducing their working hours to meet the needs of child care, and losing their jobs. Not only in the UK, worldwide the loss of jobs for women due to Covid-19 is 1.8 times greater than for men. In the US, an estimated five million women have lost their jobs.

Those are two full-time jobs you have to do at the same time. However, making someone unloved because their quality of work has deteriorated because of their obligations to care for them is illegal. So doing a lot of work, we explain to women that they should look into this when they are made unemployed, and then give them all the official information they need to challenge that retrenchment. So we have kept the jobs of thousands of women for that reason.

A recent study of 20,000 pregnant women and pregnant women conducted by Pregnant Then Screwed found that 15 percent of them had been discontinued, or expected to be. And then there are single mothers, who no doubt have a very difficult time. “It’s absolutely impossible [for them], Said Breleyley. You are forced to choose between making a living and the health and well-being of your children. And that is the worst situation you can be in. Mothers are more likely to wear hair to care for their children than fathers

From the company’s estimates in addressing the rising costs of child care and transforming the traditional workweek, Breleyley’s book leaves no stone unturned in what needs to be done to address these issues going forward. An epidemic can simply be a factor in proving that it is. With the epidemic so big, so fast, pregnant women lose their jobs, pregnant women put themselves at risk, she said. Mothers and families would not be considered if [government] drafted guidelines. All of this happened very quickly which made the people very angry. And that results in performance

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