It’s a big question mark????

NOBODY wants to live without technology. Today it helps people in many ways. If we calculate it technology helps from transportation to communication to entertainment and much more. It’s a very big deal if I live without technology. If I just discuss communication, it helps to keep in touch with those who are far away from me, from you, and everyone. There is hell lot of websites designed for us to communicate with one another. For example Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Watsapp, Snapchat, IMO, and hundreds of others.

I don’t know how I would be able to contact families, friends away in distant cities or countries.
If I discuss about entertainment, it is another big thing. There is a lot of games, movies, videos and other things without these it would be hard to find another source of entertainment. Technology is a tool you can’t live without. Also kids these days stuck with the screen so kids can’t live without technology.


Without technology, communication would become very inconvenient. People would have to do things like they did twenty years ago, by hoping someone was home when they called but settling for leaving a voice nod when they weren’t. Nobody likes to do that especially when they needed to contact someone for something urgent.
I also talk about the research, Nobody wants to search through a book for hours trying to find a small piece of information even nobody like that. The forms of technologies just keep increasing. With computers, almost any problem you have can be solved just by pressing a few buttons.
Hard though it is to imagine if life without a washing machine, fridge, or toaster is the technology we value most. While washing machines people used their hands or rocks to wash their clothes. Washing machine came third on a list of thirty products which have changed our lives. Behind satellite TV, I phone and Facebook were way down at the twentieth. We also have new ways to learn with interactive resources learning games and educational gadgets. It’s hard to think of any moment of life or daily activity today which I don’t use technology for. In fact, technology has come so far that you might argue it’s hard to live without it. It’s not that it’s impossible just that technology makes everything more convenient or addict to it. Technology saves time and makes tasks more interesting.


Technology in TVs today is incredible. You can easily watch movies, videos, drama serial on TV without going to cinemas. Most people nowadays are turning to their computers and smartphones for entertainment.
In the past, people used to work with their hands that is really difficult to do and work in fields for growing crops, beans, and fruits, etc with hands but now technology helps us in so many ways for growing crops, fruits, vegetables, etc. If I just look into my house there is a lot of things that come from technology. For example TV, electric fans, air conditioner, fridge, lights, dry cleaner, washing machine, mobile, etc. If I just take the example of mobile to me it is the big invention of technology. It is the easiest way to connect with others who far away from us. Through mobile, we can Skype, message anyone anytime. In past there is no source for entertainment then technology invent Black and white screens then colorful screens. Technology replace newspaper into TV and TV with LED, LCD. We can also watch movies in cinemas technology has changed our lives. I must say IT IS HARD TO IMAGE OUR IIFE WITHOUT THE USE OF TECHNOLOGY IN DAILY LIFE.


When technology comes to protection it’s like a key. It has changed the way people look after their homes and other accessories. Security cameras help people to detect any threats before they enter. Alarms system is also improving. Car technology also keeps us safe people are now able to avoid crashes thanks to innovative security features in vehicles. You must have to say that you can’t live without technology.
Education is one of the most important things in the world. Whether you are trying to learn practical skills or gain valuable knowledge education is the key. It is also another area where technology makes a real impact. Technology has made education more practical and interesting. Even schools and colleges build themselves around technology. That’s the reason nowadays technology has taken an important place in our society. At the same time technology is also used for our health and safety issues. In the world, there is a hell of a lot of people used to join gems for their fitness. In gems, there’s a lot oF machines that truly made by technology.

Technology has helped society for their better. There are so many different ways to think about technology and our relationship to it. Can’t live with too much of it. Can’t live without it.
In this world technology proved :

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