Why Everyone wants to become a Charlie Chaplin!!!!

Charlie Chaplin
Born in
16th April 1889, in London, United Kingdom.
Actor and film director.

  • One of the most popular Legendary comedians, the name of Charlie Chaplin is eternally synonymous with comedy and humor.
  • He was easily one of the greatest star in the silent film era and left audiences in the riot of laughter with his rib-tickling screen persona.
  • In a career spanning over 75 years, Chaplin gave many memorable and great performances.
  • This versatile comic genius acted, directed, produced, wrote, and composed music for almost all of his films and was recognized as “The Little Tramp ” the character which he played in his films.
The Little Tramp
  • An icon world cinema, Chaplin is widely accepted as one of the founding fathers of the genre of the comedy and his influenced an array of filmmakers and comedians.
  • Even today many of his films are extremely popular and are hailed as classics.
  • Some of his greatest films include ” Modern Times,” The Great Director “, “The Gold Rush”, “The Immigrant “, The Kid “.


  • Charles Spencer Chaplin was born in a family of Entertainers.
  • His parent Hannah Chaplin and Charles Chaplin both of them were music entertainers.
  • He spends his childhood in very worst condition but always keep on struggling with great hope and courage.
  • His parents did not earn too much.
  • Mr. Charlie started his work at the age of seven he works too hard for his achievements and to reach the goal.
  • Charlie said:” Simplicity is difficult to achieve “.


  • He became a member of the male dance group “The Eight Lancashire Lads “and toured all the music halls in Great Britain during the time period of 1899 and 1900.
  • In 1903 he perform his first act or show and titled name ( Jim ) a romance of Cockayne.
  • In this show, he played the role of a newsboy.
  • This show started in July that year in the “ Kingston upon Thames ” in southwest London and his show was not very successful.
  • In October 1903 to June 1904 he suffered a lot and finally, his plays were successful and his act will help him to travel to London and to act with an actor ( William Gillette ).
  • In 1906 he became a part of a comedy group Casey,s circus.
  • He performed very impressive comedy acts with them and soon he raised to fame.
  • When the group finished touring in July 1907 Chalie was left without a job for a few months and spend his free time with his family in Kennington.
  • In 1910 he play a lead role sketch “ Jimmy the fearless ” which was his immediate success and very soon he started getting a lot of media attention which flying his fame and too much popularity.
  • In 1913 he signed a contract which time duration is one year with the NewYork Motion Picture Company who promised Mr. Charlie to pay 150$ for a week.
  • In 1915 he also directed and wrote too many films for the Essanay Film Manufacturing Company
  • Following are the films in which he played his role” A Night Out “, “The Tramp “, “The Champions ” “A Women ” etc from 1916 to 1917, he worked for the Mutual Film Corporation.
  • He also directed his films, wrote his films, and also produced his films.
  • From 1918 to 1923, he made a total of NINE films from September 26, 1923, he released his films and there are a lot of his films which he produced, directed and wrote by his own and also composed many tunes for many movies.
  • In 1928 his film ” The Circus ” was released it was a silent film and take 70 minutes this us one of the highest popular silent film.
  • His film Modern Times is one of the most remembered films which was released in 1936 this film is also one of his popular silent film.
  • In 1940 a new film released the name ” The Great Director ” which was one of his most successful films.
  • He played a very rare role as a Jewish barber in this film.
  • In 1952 his Academy Award-winning film ” Limelight ” was released and this film set in London.
  • He directed a film name was” A King In NewYork“.
  • It was a comedy film released in 1957 and this film is related to the political and social life of the United States of America.
    *This film also felt success and received too many reviews.
  • A Countess from HONGKONG was his last film.


  • Charlie Chaplin ranked 33rd on the American film Institutes lust of 100 years ……….100 laughs, as one of the 100 funniest movies in America, The Gold Rush ” was rated as the second greatest film in the history.
  • Mr. Charlie also says that


  • Due to his acting, writing, directing, and producing he was awarded 1972 (Honorary Academy Award ).
  • He was also awarded due to making motion pictures the art from this century.
  • He received a star on the Hollywood walk of fame.
  • He received awards in the category of Best Music and Orignal Dramatic Score for film limelight.


  • He married four times and three of his marriages ended in divorce
  • He married 4 times in 1943 and had eight children together, they both remained together until his death.
  • He died at the age of 88 after his death he suffered a lot.
  • He was laid to the rest at, Switzerland, to honor his all great achievements, The Chalie Chaplin, “The Great Londoner “, an exclusive exhibition on his life was open at the ” London Film Museum ” in ” Zolo“.


  • One of his lifetime achievement award.
  • When he became winning this award his age was 54 he got married to his fourth wife who was 18 at that time.

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