Some Common reasons Why (COVID-19)CORONA Spread Day By Day.

Spread of (COVID-19)

The main point is to raise that why this CORONA virus spread continuing among all the world.

* This killing CORONA virus firstly spread in China and now this virus layout around all the countries.
* CORONA virus is too dangerous but we all control this infection through proper social distancing and another way to protect everyone from this killing disease by washing our hands properly, always sanitize ourselves, and not touching the face.
* It all depends on us that how we can fight this disease.

* COVID-19 has hit certain countries including the USA, INDIA, CHINA, and many other countries with particular cruelty. Countries which have a great population may be hit harder because this disease is more dangerous to older people. A virus has infected more than 65835600 people and has been detected in nearly every country. The total number of COVID-19 deaths Worldwide has been exceeded 1.5 million. The United States, Brazil, and India remains the worst hit. The COVID-19 virus infects people of all ages but this virus is more dangerous for older people who involve in COVID-19 or some symptoms and can recover soon thanks to their supportive care system. If you have a cough, fever, and difficulty intake breathing firstly call your medical care and health facility. This virus is too dangerous for people. People don’t take proper care of themselves. Smoking is also too dangerous for health during the COVID-19 pandemic. COVID-19 disease is higher among smokers, smoking impairs lung function making it more difficult for the body to fight with this infectious disease. If a man is healthy and takes proper care of himself then they can easily fight with this disease. This virus firstly spread in China, China’s extreme lockdowns were responsible for bringing the crisis there under control. Other nations are now following China. Social distancing has been used to remove this dangerous virus from China, keep on Social distancing, don’t meet anyone, flights and train were suspended and all the roads were blocked. Soon after, people in many cities of China were told to stay at home and venture out only to get food or medical help. Chinese people should follow the rules of their Government. The city of China (Wuhan) the center of the epidemic become more affected due to COVID-19. The extreme limitations on population movement have been quite successful. In a report released last month, the World’s Health Organization (WHO) congratulated China on a unique and Unprecedented public health response that reverse the escalating cases. China has holdover this infectious virus, now the new cases of COVID-19 have become slowed dramatically in China but some fear that once the country fully eases its control measures, the virus could start again. This virus can easily spread among people through their carelessness in health. This CORONA disease has killed more than 957,000 people and infected more than 30.8 million and more than 21 million people have recovered from this disease.


* We can easily recover from this infectious virus by monitor our own health closely, understand any medical instructions, help the patient to rest at home.
* Monitor the patient’s symptoms, stay away from the COVID-19 patients as much as possible, WARE A MASK, and also get some fresh air because fresh air gives peace and relaxation to your mind and you feel better.
* This virus is too dangerous for children’s health and also for elders who have been not able to fight this disease because if you don’t take a portion of healthy food and proper care, your body was not able to fight this disease, a healthy body can easily fight with this disease.
* Many COVID-19 symptoms can be treated at home and about 80% of people should be recovered soon.
* People should recover soon if they properly follow the instructions of COVID-19 and take care of their health because only a healthy body can fight this killing disease.
* We all knew that this virus is too dangerous for health it takes a lot of life’s, it depends upon all of us that how we fight against this virus,90% people recover from this killing disease, it is harmful but if we take proper care of our self we recover soon


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