Locking Up Songs In Lockdown: ‘It Was An Escape Route’

I wrote this song to deal with the pressure. It was an escape.
When paramedic David Webster learned that his colleagues at the hospital were seriously ill with Covid and that one had died, he sought relief from his grief.
The outbreak of the plague was imminent. We ended up with some of our staff in the intensive care unit being looked after by their colleagues, he said.

Everyone was really sad. You could see that everyone is suffering from the weight of responsibility, not just in society but in each other.
The 53-year-old father of his children decided to incorporate his deepest feelings into music, as well as how to write a song.
he said that he had never written a song before this. But when I got home from work I said: ‘I want to write this.’ I sat down, wrote some words, and put my music on my guitar. Writing it down on paper nakanjani I definitely found what helped you.
His song is one of several groundbreaking songs to appear on the news channel project. So in the lockdown, I have written a collection of song by a big news channel and also for the radio listeners

The aim was to create a final lockdown playlist, an opportunity for listeners of all levels, amateurs, and professionals, to hear their music played on the radio, said presenter Chris Warburton.
The songs include themes that are timeless – loneliness and loss, but also hope for the future, reunion, and love.
David Webster’s ballad, My Heart Is Blue, drew inspiration from the blue hearts of people who had begun to participate on social media to show their support for the NHS.

David, who lives in Cumbria and works for the University of Morecambe Bay NHS Foundation Trust hospitals, said he wanted the song to be a gift to my NHS family.
We were beaten and injured and a little broken but still, he said.
As he lived with another family, he had to think about how they could work together.
She has set up a temporary studio on Lucy’s balcony, which measures the microphone and laptop on a folding bench so she can record songs.
Fortunately, why, he said. And we were able to set the time so the church bells did not ring.
Warburton and songwriter Amy Macdonald have put together a mix of music delivered by the audience.

Other entrants include sixth form student Romy Taylor, 17, who is studying at the Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts.
He wrote about the end of the Spanish boy he had met online and hoped to meet in person when the height rises.
Her mother contacted the program and said that locks were difficult for young artists at the beginning of their careers.

Laurie Wright, 29, of Cheltenham, wrote her song Lockdown at the beginning of the epidemic, as she emerged from a revival of addiction to drugs. His music has always been popular with The Libertines and he is now in talks with top producer Paul Stacey to record an album for the famous RAK students in London.
It’s a hygienic contract because all the things I ever wanted to do, all of a sudden, became something that could happen instead of a pipe.
The British Library has now agreed to store songs in the online Sound Archive.
The manager of the Popular Music Collection, Andy Linehan, said they would give future generations a picture of how artists would deal with the situation.

This is a rare opportunity to discover a collection of songs by various artists who think of the worst situation ever to occur in life, he said.
Since writing her first song, David Webster has continued to make music with Lucy. My Heart Is Blue is now being played at NHS memorials around the world.

He said it was amazing to think that his song would be part of the library.
I was a little nervous about sharing it because I wasn’t sure how people would feel, he said. I’m just glad people liked it.

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