IF KEYBOARD COULD TALK ” If this, if words we use are related to our imaginations, so here We’re going to think that what if the keyboards could talk?

Really IF KEYBOARDS COULD TALK they will be able to explain us better than the people about us. Truly they can see more of who we really are supposed We are going through our darkest days. we search for sad poetry, sad music, and other things. it makes us relax and calm. If we go to the dark side we search for such things that we can’t share with our family members or even friends.


If the keyboard could speak, they would talk about how bad it feels, when someone type their pain by pressing the keys………

DO THEY TALK TO US? Is it true that they can’t talk? would they tell the people who sing to shut up? Would they tell you to stop thinking about yourself, you are Perfect. would they tell you to have faith in yourself? would they tell about the abuse they received from their angry owners? would they tell you that your plan for the future is going to work out? And will it benefit you?  would keyboards hug the people who read heartbreaking news from their loved ones? Will they tell you how to deal with them now? what if they hurt you?  would they tell you to stop deleting the words you just typed?  Would they tell us that what’s right and what’s wrong? can they even breathe?  That’s a lot of questions. The answer may not be found .friends. If keyboards could talk, people really should be more open with what they’re thinking. But the best thing about this is that keyboards can’t talk. In my opinion that this is the best thing from the point of view of security and privacy.

       If the keyboard could speak.. they would talk about how much messages we have backspaced…just because of the fear of losing each other” ~surbhi♡

  • If keyboard could speak.
  • If keyboard could talk.
  • If keyboard could read.
  • He could read the lip of mine.
  • As how he catches the name of him.
  • When I just write the First letter and keyboard complete it.
  • If the keyboard could talk they would talk about the ‘smiles’ that are fake and the ‘tears’ that are real.

A very famous quote says that “actions speak louder than words but have you ever imagined in your weirdest dreams that how miraculously our life would be turned upside down” if a simple electronic device like a keyboard.

If the keyboards could speak, they would tell the man how many guts he makes in a hurry and they want to tell the man how fast he writes. How to express your feelings with the help of keyboards.

I think the keyboards should speak up. But it can also be wrong. They can stop us from doing wrong things. Or they can also motivate us. It’s all depends upon us. If the keyboard could talk, they would express the word that we write and then erase it due to some reason. Thinking that the funniest consequence that comes to my mind is the one when in a working place of 10-20 employees typing together on their respective keyboards eventually turning it all into a remarkable fish market filled with the voices of their talking keyboards !!



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