A Woman Who Quit Smoking Set Up An International Hypnotherapy Company

The Boss series describes different business leaders from around the world. This week we talk to US addictive doctor Grace Smith.
Grace Smith says she was able to stop drinking, but that quitting smoking seemed impossible.
Back in 2011, the 25-year-old at the time had a stressful job raising money in New York.

I had no way of dealing with health, he said. One way I coped with all stress and anxiety was going to parties.
I lived on the Lower East Side, and that’s what all my friends did – we worked hard all day, and we worked hard all night. It was devastating, both physically and mentally.
Grace realized that she needed to be healthy, so she stopped attending parties and looked up. But he couldn’t just shake his heavy smoke, even though he was trying on gum and patches, and the awesome cold turkey.
Finally, a friend suggested that she tried hypnosis. I was very skeptical, said Grace. I didn’t know it was going to be a clock swap … or it’s just a hoax.

He says he was able to quit nicotine after one session. And that experience encouraged her to become a hypnotherapist herself.
Grace now runs her own business, Space Hypnosis, which is said to offer hypnosis sessions online to more than 250,000 people worldwide, including Fortune 500 executives, athletes, and celebrities
But what exactly is hypnotherapy? The Oxford English Dictionary defines mental illness as “the state of being in a state of complete unconsciousness, experiencing the effects of deep sleep.”
Grace calls it very simply, meditating on the goal. His clients use it to try to achieve everything from weight loss, quitting habits, stress, or fulfilling a desire.

While some people still view hypnotherapy as a controversial practice, its use is supported by many medical organizations. For example, Cancer Cancer UK states that some people with cancer use hypnotherapy to help them relax and cope with symptoms and treatment.
Born and raised in New Jersey, Grace received a combined degree in English, business administration, and religious studies at Wagner College in New York. He then enrolled for a master’s degree in human rights studies at Columbia University.
She became a hypnotherapist in 2011 and completed a 250-hour course while working full time This was a necessary training in the US, although it varied greatly from country to country.

After graduating from high school, Grace left her job and became a medical doctor working in a small office in New York.
To attract his first customers he advertised the first number of special offers in the online marketplace LivingSocial, today part of Groupon. He says he was able to sell 952 sessions in 24 hours, and many people then thanked him for the kind word.
The first moments were face-to-face, but then Grace ran her online business, the moments taking place via video link. He says the idea of this came from his corporate clients, who wanted to continue their time while off duty.

In recent years the interest in Grace and her Florida business has now grown significantly, thanks to her presence on US TV. He appeared on CBS’s afternoon health talk show The Doctors, and Sony’s The Dr. Oz Show.
Jodi Clarke, founder of the Australian hypnotherapy business. Grace has worked tirelessly to make hypnosis a reality.
Meanwhile, Jamie Hacker Hughes, a UK psychiatrist, says that Grace and other hypnotherapists can be very effective in helping patients manage a variety of presentations, which are used as a combination of psychology, medicine, and dentistry.

Combined with Grace’s largest company, with 20 contracts, it expects an annual revenue of $ 3m (£ 2.4m) this year.
While the Covid-19 epidemic provides free time for top medical professionals around the world.
Looking forward, Grace says she wants to help continue to make hypnotherapy more widely accepted.
It still sounds strange, he says, and it’s not fun that some people still think of it as a mind control … which can’t go beyond reality.
When you know what a positive contribution you make to the world … having someone look down on your work in this wonderful way is painful and exhausting, says a mother of two.

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